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Top 7 IELTS Reading Tips and Tricks

IELTS reading tips

Testing of reading skills forms a key part of the IELTS exam. Not just from an examination point of view, but in general, it is important to cultivate the habit of reading good books, magazines, journals, newspapers, etc. Reading builds your knowledge, vocabulary, grammar and communication skills. Coming to the IELTS, there are some simple, yet very effective tips that will help you crack the IELTS exam, that we have designed at the Marquerz Academy. Let us take at the IELTS reading tips one by one.

  • Make reading a daily habit. Allocate a specific time for reading and stick to it. Have an exclusive space in your home. Try spending some quality time at this home library.
  • The best way to begin would be by starting with reading something which is fun for you. It could be a novel, magazine, any journal that you may like.
  • Make sure that you are noting down all your doubts regarding grammar, spellings, vocabulary, etc., while reading. You can clarify it with your trainers at the Marquerz Academy.
  • You can also try reading aloud for some time every day. This will help you to fine tune your pronunciation skills, as well as improve your overall English communication skills.
  • Another important point that you need to remember while reading is to ‘visualize’. This helps to grasp things faster. Visualizing is particularly useful in IELTS, where you may have to answer questions based on diagrams.
  • Try learning at least 20 new words every day while reading. This will help you improve your vocabulary, which is so very important for IELTS.
  • Have clear cut goals while reading. This will help you make conscious and time bound efforts to improve your reading skills. Go through the IELTS tips and tricks provided by our trainers regularly.

At the Marquerz Academy we have a well-stocked library, where you can find a wide range of quality books to crack the IELTS exam. We also have a team of quality trainers who can help you with improving your reading skills and IELTS reading tips and tricks for band 9.

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