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How to Make Your IELTS Band score Amazing in 30 days?

IELTS band score:

If you are wondering whether it is possible to get an amazing IELTS band score in a matter of 30 days, then the answer is yes, it is very much possible. It all depends on your preparation. First of all you will need to prepare a thorough study plan and then make a firm commitment to yourself to stick to it. Once you have prepared well, it will show in the form of a high band score. There lies the trick. Practice is the key word here. Let us take a look at few unbeatable tips to make this happen.

IELTS band Score

Get organized:

Yes, this is the first thing that you need to do. Get organized. Make a schedule. And by this we mean to say a schedule for the entire 30 days. Commit to yourself that you will be spending a solid 4 hours every day for IELTS preparation. Calculate the number of hours that you will be devoting to the 4 modules on a daily basis.

Surround yourself with English:

Training for IELTS need not be studying only the exam related books. There are so many other things that you can do. You can go through newspapers regularly. If you like novels, then read them regularly. Similarly, you can listen to podcasts or current affair debates on TV. Try to sharpen your writing skills by participating in essay writing competitions. The key here is to have fun. This will ensure that you will continue with the practice.

Get to know the structure:

This is the next important but often ignored step. Getting to know the structure of the exam is crucial, for otherwise you will be left grappling for enough time during the exam. You should make yourself familiar with the types of questions asked in the different modules and the time allotted. Remember, getting familiar with the format makes a whole world of difference.

Time yourself:

Now that you know the structure of the exam, make sure that you try a lot of exercises. At the end of the day IELTS coaching is all about practicing these exercises. One thing that you need to remember while doing them is to time yourself. This will help you simulate the feel of actually writing the exam.

Get yourself trained for high IELTS band Score :

Finally, the best way to approach the exam would be to preferably seek professional help. Join a reputed IELTS training institution. Interacting with an experienced trainer will help to clarify any doubts that you may have. Moreover, joining a class will also give you a sense of direction. The mock tests conducted at the class will also help you get to monitor your progress.

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