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Top 5 Secrets | IELTS Listening

For a good majority of people, the IELTS listening seems to be the easiest one among the four modules. You can therefore, attempt for a top band score in listening. However, you will need to put in some efforts. Just as in the case with the other modules, practice holds the key here. Here are the top 5 Unbeatable IELTS […]

Top 5 secrets | IELTS General writing task 2

You will get 40 minutes for the IELTS General writing task 2. You will need to write an essayover 250 words on a given topic. Let us take a look at some unbeatable tips to score 8+ bandscore with ease. Lets take a look into the top tips for IELTS General writing task 2 : The first thing to remember […]

IELTS Exam Types | Take a look on their differences

A lot of people tend to get confused, especially for the first time, when they hear that there are two types of IELTS tests, i.e., General and Academic. Let us clear all your doubts about the differences between the IELTS exam types. In simple terms, the General Test is for those who want to immigrate for work or employment purposes […]

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