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Things Everyone Knows About IELTS Exam that You Dont know

Are you someone who is all set and geared up to appear for the IELTS exam but still have
some butterflies in the stomach? Do you still feel a little jittery? Don’t worry, for you have
reached the right place, for here we have discussed some wonderful tips that will drive
away all that anxiety and make you feel super confident. The tips given here will help to
remove any misconceptions that you may have had about the test and ace it with ease.


The first thing that people who score 8 plus band score know about IELTS that the
not so successful know is about the format of the exam. Yes, you heard it right. This
is where you will need to do regular practice. Remember, it is only through repetitive
attempts that you get a hang of the structure of the exam. Once you become familiar
with the format, it helps you save a lot of time and come out with flying colors in the

The second thing those who have successfully aced the exam know is that there is no
substitute for preparation. Their theory is quite simple. The better prepared you are,
the more are your chances of a good score. As simple as that. Remember there is no
substitute for efforts. Now that you have decided on studying in a dream destination
of yours, it is time to put in some solid effort.

The third thing that you need to remember is about the right kind of preparation.
Remember, preparation does not mean merely going through a few books. There is a
lot more things involved. For example, you make it a habit to go through a variety of
literature. Newspapers are for example, offer an excellent way to improve your
vocabulary. If you are an avid novel reader, that too will do wonders to your lexical
resources. Similarly, listening to podcasts or news channels offer a good way to
improve your English big time. Plus of course, you will have to make a habit of
regularly conversing in English. All these efforts should complement your reading for
the IELTS test.

Finally, another thing that most who score high scores in IELTS do is to seek
professional help. Yes, we are talking about IELTS training here. Ultimately though it
is an individual choice. If you feel that you need professional help, please do so. One
of the advantages it will offer you is that it will instill a sense of discipline in you, for
you will be conscious about allotting a certain amount of time for the preparation.
The trainers at the IELTS coaching centers will apart from clarifying your doubts will
also offer you the feedback on your progress.

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