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One of the common dreams of IELTS aspirants around the world is to study abroad. There is one key which can open the doors to fulfilling all these dreams. Once you have aced the IELTS test, it will virtually open the doors of the world for you. The only help that you need is professional IELTS training.

You don’t need to look any further than the Marquerz Academy for the IELTS training. The IELTS center boasts of a team of IELTS faculty, considered the finest talents in the domain. Every IELTS aspirant who walks into our IELTS center is first assessed for his/her capabilities. Our IELTS trainers make sure that IELTS aspirants thoroughly understand the grammar concepts. They also teach the IELTS aspirants some very important tips and tricks, which have been specifically designed by IELTS experts at Marquerz Academy, which make the entire learning process easy. Along with the IELTS training program, IELTS Aspirants are also supposed to take a series of IELTS mock tests at the IELTS center. This helps in measuring the progress that the IELTS aspirants have made during the IELTS course. Let us take a closer look at what makes Marquerz Academy the best place for IELTS training.


Fulfil your dream of either studying or working abroad with Marquerz Academy. We are a premier IELTS coaching center in Coimbatore

Not everyone is created equal. We therefore make sure that we understand each person's requirements and customize our IELTS classes to ensure the best learning. Our IELTS trainers also ensure that a IELTS aspirants progress is constantly monitored and the feedback shared.

This is another key reason for the success of Marquerz Academy Coimbatore. We take pride in our infrastructure. Our modern IELTS classrooms offer the ideal atmosphere for IELTS learning. We also have the necessary equipment for practicing IELTS listening skills

Marquerz Academy is located in the heart of the city. Our IELTS center is easily accessible from every part of Coimbatore.

We have a team of experienced IELTS faculty, with a shared vision of providing the best possible IELTS training for students. They analyze every IELTS aspirants capabilities and provide appropriate IELTS training to ensure that they crack the IELTS exam successfully.

Every person's grasping ability is different. We understand this point and therefore offer one-to-one sessions. This ensures that every IELTS aspirants receives attention from the IELTS trainer. This also ensure that the IELTS aspirants are able to clarify all the their doubts promptly from the IELTS trainers.

This is another highlight of our IETS training program. We provide the best quality course IELTS preparation materials to students. The lessons, designed by experts, enable students to thoroughly prepare and ace the IELTS test.

At Marquerz Academy it doesn't stop with exam assistance. We can also provide immigration assistance for those who want to migrate to countries where IELTS scores are recognized.

Additionally we provide IELTS aspirants with assistance for appearing in the IELTS exam. As an IDP partner, We provide them with the exam schedule.

Best IELTS coaching center in Coimbatore


The first factor is the modern infrastructure. The IELTS center provides the best possible atmosphere for IELTS aspirants to study. Another key reason for the popularity of our IELTS center is its team of experienced IELTS faculty. A systematic IELTS training approach has been the cornerstone of the success of Marquerz Academy. Not all individuals are created equal. We all have different learning and grasping capabilities. Our IELTS faculties firstly analyze every IELTS aspirants capabilities and then design a IELTS training program which is suitable for a particular IELTS aspirants. 

Another one of our specialty is one-on-one teaching. In fact, this is another reason behind the Marquerz Academy becoming the most sought after IELTS training center in Coimbatore. The lesson plans are designed based on the assessment of every IELTS aspirants. The 1:1 IELTS trainer-student ratio ensures total focus on the requirement of every IELTS aspirants. 

Regular IELTS mock tests are another feature of our IELTS training methodology. These IELTS mock tests ensure that IELTS aspirants are aware of where they stand at during different stages of the IELTS training program. Not only this, we also help IELTS aspirants with registration/booking for the exam. They are provided details like the IELTS exam fee and pattern. This removes the stress out of the IELTS exam process and IELTS aspirants feel relaxed and ready to crack the IELTS test.


JANUARYSAT 8thAcademic and General Training
JANUARYTHU 20thAcademic
JANUARYSAT 29thAcademic and General Training
FEBRUARYSAT 12thAcademic and General Training
FEBRUARYTHU 17thAcademic and General Training
FEBRUARYSAT 26thAcademic
MARCHSAT 12thAcademic and General Training
MARCHSAT 19thAcademic
MARCHSAT 26thAcademic and General Training
APRILSAT 9thAcademic and General Training
APRILSAT 23rdAcademic and General Training
APRILSAT 30thAcademic
MAYTHU 12thAcademic and General Training
MAYSAT 21stAcademic
MAYSAT 28thAcademic and General Training
JUNESAT 11thAcademic and General Training
JUNETHU 16thAcademic
JUNESAT 25thAcademic and General Training
JULYSAT 9thAcademic and General Training
JULYSAT 16thAcademic
JULYSAT 23rdAcademic and General Training
AUGUSTTHU 11thAcademic and General Training
AUGUSTSAT 20thAcademic and General Training
AUGUSTSAT 27thAcademic
SEPTEMBERSAT 3rdAcademic and General Training
SEPTEMBERSAT 24thAcademic and General Training
OCTOBERSAT 8thAcademic and General Training
OCTOBERSAT 22ndAcademic
OCTOBERSAT 29thAcademic and General Training
NOVEMBERTHU 10thAcademic and General Training
NOVEMBERSAT 19thAcademic and General Training
NOVEMBERSAT 26thAcademic
DECEMBERSAT 3rdAcademic and General Training
DECEMBERSAT 10thAcademic
DECEMBERSAT 17thAcademic and General Training


IELTS exam fees for both Academic and General Training are 15500rs. Marquerz Academy also provided assistance for registering for the IELTS exam.


The Occupational English Test(OET) proficiency Test primarily made for healthcare workers who want to work abroad. OET is Conducted by Cambridge Box hill Language Assessment Trust (CBLA), a Venture between Cambridge English Language Assesment and Box Hill Institute.


TOEFL is a Language Proficiency test for students to pursue their education abroad. TOEFL is best suited for Students applying for US and Canadian Universities along with Predominantly English Speaking Countries


The Occupational English Test(OET) proficiency Test primarily made for healthcare workers who want to work abroad. OET is Conducted by Cambridge Box hill Language Assessment Trust (CBLA), a Venture between Cambridge English Language Assesment and Box Hill Institute.


Celpip is an English language proficiency exam conducted by the canadian government exclusively for immigration and educational purposes in Canada.


The PTE another language proficiency exam is a Computer-based English language test to live, work, or study abroad. it is globally recognised by the government and educational institute of the UK, Australia, Canada, New zealand and the US. PTE is Conducted by pearson VUE Group.


Nithya Rathinam

It's been a crucial time where I've to get 6 as band score IELTS ACADEMIC within 2 months for my study visa. With the help of their own materials and good training supported me to achieve the needed band score. It was worth the money spent. Thank you so much Marquers Academy for your timely support

Als smart

Positive: Value I got trained via online for the past 2 months. Got my band score of 7 - IELTS academic which is very helpful for my abroad admissions. I would strongly recommend Marquerz academy


Had a great time with marquerz academy, joined for my IELTS classes and later on within a month of time cracked the needed band score of 8 😎. I was referred by my brother-in-law who had already taken classes there, I am thankful to him and the academy 🙏.

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